Limitlessly likeable, lyrically lymphatic,

empirically emphatic,


Life lived through the loins,

behavior symptomatic of blood dripping from the groin,

leaving the body into a shipwreck but looking at you and still awe-ing,



You    make    me    go    bust,

Until you saw your schedule and saw you’re busy again,

which makes me want to cuss- Fuck.

Fuck you, fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME, fucking you is fucking with me, fuckidy fuck FUCK.


Fuming with desire and i grasp for air,

Trying to avoid you or stay near, but you don’t care.

When I’m around you there is nothing i want to bare,

but you,

Y.O.U – YOU,

Give me your disdained spew,

Making me crawl near until the line you drew,

Observing how I don’t love but just want to be IN and around you.


Hypnotized by your fragrance and captivated by your smile,

You make me howl like I was Ovid’s wild child,

Like i want to be captured and trained by you,

Waiting to be used and screaming “Pi-ka-chu”

Serving you as a slave,

one of the people from Django Unchained.

Ready to be punished

but only in a way from 50 shades of grey.


Pop, pop, stop,on,

These moments have to be gone,

I’m not a switch but you have to stop turning me on,

You would miss me but darling I don’t intend to be gone.


We are finally going to enter  this duel,

For too long you have thought of me a fool,

making long faces and keeping me close enough to make me drool,

Making me your emotional support like I’m your base, your fucking stool,

I’m not your fan, here just to make you feel cool.


It’s time i leave now and i think i’m done here,

I have spent a lot of time but don’t see a future dear,

Goodbye, i have to leave now as i leave everything in the clear,

but look behind because despite everything I’ll always come crawling back to you,

cry me a river.




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